Sep. 19, 2017

SUNTORY TOMI NO OKA WINERY "From the Site of Viticulture"
―Finishing Touches to Bottle-aged Tomi, Manually and One at a Time -

Tomi is the best quality red wine of the Tomi no Oka Winery. The final touches to each bottle-aged product involves careful manual work. It is common knowledge that wine is aged inside bottles. At the Tomi no Oka Winery, too, bottles of Tomi are stored for aging for a prescribed time period and shipped after checking the aging status and putting a finishing touch to the bottles.


About 600 bottles of aged wine, that have completed the prescribed aging period, are removed with great care from the shelves of the warehouse one at a time.

Then, the matured products are taken to the bottling line. Because the bottles get covered with a thin layer of dust in the warehouse, our staff members gently wipe the mouth, neck, body and base of each bottle. They also check the corks and remove any bottle with a damaged cork or mouth leak.

Checking the quantity of content and cleanliness of the bottles

The bottles are labeled after attaching cap seals to protect the corks. With a special focus of Japanese aesthetics, the labels for Tomi are made of fine Japanese washi paper. For this reason, the bottles are moved slowly through the labeling machine. Applying glue on the labels and adjusting its quantity requires precise craftsmanship.

The staff check each bottle after labeling

The process of packing the products in cardboard boxes is also done by hand. At this stage too, each bottle of Tomi is checked carefully before placing it in the box. To ensure that the labels on the bottles are not damaged due to contact with the dividers in the box, the staff use a special tool and pay utmost attention to every bottle.

Lastly, Tomi bottles are taken to a temperature-controlled warehouse and then transported to shipping warehouses in cities, ensuring all along that the product retains its best quality until the end.
Suntory Tomi no Oka Winery focuses on the key phrases of “each bottle” and “by hand” to provide its customers with a Japanese wine that impresses the world. Our wine making strives to impart the warmth of the human hand.

Tomi No Oka Winery - Tomi Red 2012

Tomi Red 2012 wins Gold Medal and Grand Prize in VINIFERA RED Category at Japan Wine Competition 2017

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