Management Strategy

Corporate vision and promise


Mizu To Ikiru

Water is the source of all the lives on the planet.
We promise and declare to society that we make our living with water.
We embrace nature, enrich our society
and encourage our people to take on new challenges.


Always start from consumers
Pursue to create new taste,
well-being and joy
Aim to be the most locally
beloved company

Medium-term strategy

Establish a unique position, moving one step ahead of consumer trends, in the global beverages industry.
Our aspiration is ¥2.5 trillion revenue by 2030 to be achieved organically by outperforming the market as well as through incremental growth from new investments.
Aim for profit growth which outpaces revenue growth.

In order to achieve these, the Group will proactively develop business in line with the following key strategic pillars.

Growth strategy

First Mover – Organic growth

  • Double down on core brands through innovation
  • Innovate future categories

Game changer – Inorganic growth

  • Go beyond RTD (Ready To Drink)
  • Expand into new markets
  • Accelerate M&A investment


  • Accelerate ‘Centers Of Excellence’ and ‘DX’
  • Establish Asia-Pacific Region to unlock growth*

* Established in January 2021

Structural transformation

  • Vending machine business transformation in Japan
  • On-premise business transformation in Europe

In addition to above, the Group will contribute to local societies through accelerating sustainability initiatives.

Medium-term plan (2021-2023)

Organic growth

(Base year: 2020, on a currency neutral basis)
Revenue: CAGR mid-single digit growth
Operating Income: CAGR above 10% growth
Operating Income Margin: Achieve 10% by 2023

* Target to surpass 2019 Revenue and Operating Income level in 2022
(Achieved 2019 level of Operating Income in 2021)

Inorganic growth

Accelerate M&A investment

  • Maximum net debt equity ratio 1x (Approximately ¥700 billion)
  • Allocate ¥200–300 billion for investment

Business portfolio policy

Based on the corporate vision & promise, and medium-term strategy, we continuously review and build our business portfolio in terms of category, brand, and geography for sustainable growth.
Each business is comprehensively evaluated based on the strategy, the impact on businesses, the sales growth potential, and the profitability.

Category / Brand

Through core brand innovation and future category innovation, always stay half a step ahead of changing consumer unconscious needs and build a brand portfolio that provides the best taste, quality, well-being and joy.


Realizing sustainable growth in four major regions: Japan, APAC, Europe, and the United States which have a business platform (supply chain, distribution system) to establish our brands in the market.