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Becoming a True Global Company beloved by consumers all around the world

Makiko Ono President & Chief Executive Officer

Makiko Ono

President & Chief Executive Officer

We are now surrounded by extremely difficult business environment, such as global political uncertainty, surging material and energy costs, and the sharp devaluation of yen. In this challenging environment, we will focus on our efforts to become a True Global Company that is beloved by consumers, stakeholders and employees.

  • Brand Innovation

    We will create and refine our brands, and further enhance their taste and quality by quickly capturing the change in lifestyle and preference of consumers to be beloved by consumers from all around the world. We will also leverage our extensive portfolio to expand our brands globally, creating intergroup synergy. We will take on the challenge of innovation and provide products and services with new value that exceed consumers’ expectations.

  • Diversity

    We will focus on promoting diversity and incorporating diverse opinions as it enhances our competitive power, as well as creating a strong organization that fuses different ideas and values to create new innovations.

  • Sustainability

    We conduct our business with the blessing of nature, mainly water. To continue our business for years and generations to come, we will be more than ever proactive in addressing environmental and social issues, and work as a group to lead the industry in water resource conservation, reduction in GHG emission, recycling of PET bottles, not to mention health and human rights.

We will continue to accelerate our performance globally, and all employees globally will work together and combine their strengths to further evolve the operating model and outgrow competition.
We sincerely ask for the continued warm support of our shareholders.