Social MediaSNS Terms of Use

The Suntory Group’s Social Media Policy

We regard social media as an important channel for direct communication with our customers.
The Suntory Group Code of Business Ethics sets out the basic principles that we must observe at all times, to ensure that the Suntory Group fulfills its responsibility to society and earns the public’s trust. In parallel with this code, we have adopted the following specific standards on the use of social media.

1. Understanding and complying with the Suntory Group Code of Business Ethics, and internal and external rules and regulations
When using social media, we comply with laws and regulations and with the Suntory Group Code of Business Ethics. As good corporate citizens, we exercise self-discipline at all times to ensure that our words and actions do not go against common sense, and strive to maintain an honest, fair and equitable approach to communication with our customers.
2. Understanding social media characteristics and attitude when using social media
  • We listen to what other social media users say.
  • We understand that information posted on the Internet is widely accessible to the general public, that information once posted can never be completely erased, and that statements made by individuals belonging to the Suntory Group can impact on the reputation of the Group as a whole. We take care at all times to use social media in a responsible manner.