Feb. 17, 2021

We Respect Humanity: Suntorians Participate in Our Inaugural "Global Action for Humanity" Program


Respecting humanity is integral to our business as part of The Suntory Group Way, a philosophy that guides how our employees approach their daily work to ensure Suntory is supported by its customers and continues to grow. Since our founding, we have remained devoted to giving back to the global communities in which we live and work, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world together to face many unprecedented challenges.

In 2020, we dedicated the months of November and December to our first “Suntory Group’s Global Action for Humanity (GAH)” program, where Suntory’s employees from around the world were able to make an impact in their communities and reflect on the importance of respecting humanity. The GAH program encouraged our employees to volunteer their time and give back to local communities through various activities.

We’re proud to announce that following the conclusion of our inaugural program, 8,322 Suntorians participated through individual actions, from helping at local advocacy centers to donating food, beverages, and PPE to local families and organizations. Employees who volunteered were also able to share more about their unique commitments through a new internal website, so that all Suntory employees could learn more about these global efforts. Additionally, Suntory pledged to match each individual action and will be donating $8,322 to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to support their work in humanitarian and food assistance to those in need.


These efforts demonstrate our employees’ commitment to The Suntory Group Way, including “We respect humanity,” one of its five guiding principles. The program’s results included some of the following milestones:

Around the world, 2,414 Suntorians participated in various kinds of volunteering opportunities through different events and online donations.

There were 1,176 “Action for Humanity” posts on the GAH website, where Suntorians shared how their individual commitments embody their respect for humanity.

We created a “We respect humanity” video to communicate to our employees how we have embodied this philosophy as a company, which received over 3,400 views by Suntorians from around the world, deepening our community’s understanding of Suntory’s one of the most important principles.

We had 1,320 participants in our “S – katstu!” program, which offers content representing Suntory’s founding spirits – including features on the Suntory Museum of Art and Suntory Hall.

We’re proud of our invaluable employees and their dedication to giving back to those around them. Our people are the driving force behind Suntory’s growth, success, and commitment to supporting our customers and communities. Suntory will continue to host initiatives that support the good in society and further unite Suntorians from around the world as ONE SUNTORY.